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One of the most recognizable and beloved of our vehicles is the Flying Sub that was included in season 2 of the 1964 TV series “Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea”. The Flying Sub (FS-1) was supposed to resemble a stingray, and indeed, it was sometimes nicknamed “Stingray” by its pilots. Powered by two massive solid-fuel turbine engines the FS-1 was designed originally as a test bed for hybrid air/sea vehicle technology by both the U.S. Air Force and Navy.

After a great deal of bureaucratic wrangling between the two defense branches, the Navy officially took sole possession of the FS-1 and used it to conduct a variety of research projects. It quickly became clear, after photos were published in “National Geographic”, that the public had a strong fascination with the ship. An unprecedented mountain of letters inquiring about the Flying Sub prompted the Navy to allow the ship to be loaned out for filming of the “Voyage” T.V. series.

In 1974, as the Navy prepared to decommission the then outdated FS-1, the ship was acquired by the San Diego Maritime Museum.

The Museum has been kind enough to loan out the FS-1 to the Sci-Fi Air Show, and allow us to fly (and submerge it) on a limited basis.

Flying Sub

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The Flying Sub,or FS-1 is often referred to as the “Stingray”.
The versatility of the Flying Sub allows it to land on a runway or emerge from the surf.


The cover of the National Geographic showing the Flying Sub.


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