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Jupiter 2

People here at the air show seem to feel a very strong connection to the Jupiter 2, the flying saucer from “Lost in Space”. Fans young and old marvel at its clean design and brilliant craftsmanship. More than just a space vehicle, many people claim it’s also a place where they would want to call home. To learn more about this fantastic spaceship, click on the link below to view a short film produced by the sci fi air show.

Click on the image to view the video.

the Jupiter 2    Lost But Not Forgotten

Click on the images to see a larger version.

The Jupiter 2 displayed at the Sci-Fi Air Show is the full-sized version that is much more angular than the miniature.
In addition to the ship, we have much of its support equipment including the force field generator and the robot.


The Jupiter 2 was perfectly designed for deep space exploration.


The Chariot was an important piece of equipment carried aboard the Jupiter2


The Jupiter 2 is one of the first flying saucers FROM Earth.


In 1947 the Jupiter 2 landed on a very hostile planet, Earth!
This full sized version of the ship is the one displayed at the sci fi air show.


Whatever the universe could dish out, the Jupiter 2 could take it!


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