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Liberty 2 Lander

The Sci-Fi Airshow Museum presents one of the most iconic spacecraft ever designed: the Boeing “Liberty” X-27-REV (re-entry vehicle) that was introduced in 1968’s “Planet of the Apes”. Constructed by A.N.S.A. (American National Space Administration) it was used as a transport through space and time by man and ape alike. In the first film only the upper part of the command section is seen sinking into Lake Powell Arizona. In the second film, “Beneath the Planet of the Apes” the lander section was seen but only as smoking debris scattered on the ground. The command section was seen again in “Escape from the Planet of the Apes” and the short-lived “Apes” TV series.


After its final appearance the ship spent several years changing owners and enduring exposure to the elements. In 1987 it was acquired by the Sci Fi Air Show.


Since then, the restoration team, headed by former aerospace engineer and “Planet of the Apes” expert Greg Grusby, has carefully refurbished both the Liberty 2 Lander and its attendant second stage to their original 1967 glory.


The SFA Museum is extremely proud to add this iconic spacecraft to our collection, and display it in its complete form – both the sleek lifting-body Liberty vehicle and its powerful, seldom-seen Second Stage. Be sure to not miss this attraction on your next visit!

Click on the images to see a larger version.

The landing module of the Liberty 2 was never seen in the “Apes” films.
This high angle shot features the command module of the Liberty 2.


The restored Liberty 2 takes off from Red Rock Canyon California.


The Liberty 2 and the Jupiter 2 share the same landing gear design.


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